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1. 'The market for colored diamonds is really, really high, because they are so rare,' he said.
2. However, before starting their EMBAs, there is already a wide gap in salaries, with women earning on average 15 per cent less than men, at $111,000 and $128,000 respectively.
3. 《银河护卫队2》
4. About 60 per cent have not yet worked and a further 30 per cent have less than two years’ experience.
5. In 2013, the yen fell 21% against the U.S. dollar, helping it to attract 10 million overseas tourists--including, despite Sino-Japanese border disputes in the East China Sea, many wealthy travelers from China.
6. ‘The Good Wife’ Once Will (Josh Charles), Alicia’s illicit love interest, died at the end of Season 5, this sexy CBS courtroom drama seemed as if it might droop and wither, but instead, the sixth season steamed with almost madcap energy, mixing Alicia’s newly fledged political campaign, a war of the roses between Alicia’s new firm and her old one, and the legal travails of Cary, her legal partner. Alicia isn’t quite so good anymore, and that makes “The Good Wife” all the better.


1. [iks'tend]
2. receptive
3. 8.My resume is 5 pages long for a good reason. – Because I’m darn good at bullshittin’!
4. Solar Eclipse
5. “阅后即焚”社交网络的兴起
6. *Awards presented during the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony Sept. 10-11.


1. vt. 忽视,疏忽,忽略
2. Umbrellas for dogs are having a moment. They’re cute and funny, but also practical.
3. 现任美国主席奥巴马的内阁共有7名女性,17名男性,克林顿曾是其中一员。
4. As a result, business investment in key areas such as equipment has been historically weak for a U.S. recovery. A slowly improving jobs picture and rising household wealth could spark a virtuous cycle of stronger consumer spending, increased business confidence and rising investment. If it doesn't, the year could be another letdown.
5. 8. Taxi driver
6. There was no immediate word from the Romney camp on the reported results。


1. 2. How to write a CV
2. Final predictions: Weak economic growth will continue into 2010. By spring, the Obama White House will be forced to the political center and U.S. businesses will finally believe in a modest recovery.
3. HOW MUCH: $1,975,000
4. 前十强还包括排第二的卢森堡大学,第四的洛桑联邦理工学院,第五的日内瓦大学,第七的苏黎世联邦理工学院,第八的圣加仑大学,第九的新加坡国立大学和第十的帝国理工学院(伦敦大学)。
5. 项目总成本:18.15万美元,在费城或旧金山学习
6. 5. Mother Nature


1. A Bubble With No Name Yet is still a bubble. But, Americans are too distracted, too numb, too in denial to hear the warnings. Reminds me of my headline back on March 20, 2000. 'Next crash, sorry you'll never hear it coming.'
2. 上赛季的封王对勇士队球迷来说是一种缓解,毕竟他们前一年经历了总决赛史上最严重的崩盘。尽管如此,但整个系列赛的感觉还是“是的,这是应该发生的。”。几乎没有什么戏剧性的事情,也没有什么争论,最后,大家都预料到会发生什么。不会引起太多谈话或兴趣,它就是这样的。
3. 挪威诺贝尔和平奖委员会主席亚格兰赞扬这三位女士的成就,还说,除非女性享有和男性一样的机会,否则我们不能实现持久的和平。

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    What dangers does the Fed present to EMs today? One of the biggest risks, says Mr Koepke, is that it might “get behind the curve” and delay raising rates for too long. This would result not only in a surprisingly big hike when it came, but also a higher terminal interest rate than would otherwise be the case.

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    在针对已拥有金融业工作经验的学员开设的金融课程的排行榜上,伦敦商学院(London Business School)重新夺回在2011年至2015年占据的冠军宝座,同时英国剑桥大学(University of Cambridge)佳奇管理学院(Judge Business School)跌回第二名。

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